Do Pet Monkeys Sleep at Night? Tips for New Monkey Owners

Owning a pet monkey can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Do monkeys sleep at night? Do they need to sleep in bed with their owners or on the floor? Do they like to sleep in closed-off areas of the home, such as bedrooms, playrooms, or basements? Do they only need six hours of sleep per day? These are just some of the questions that new monkey owners ask themselves before adopting a pet monkey.

We’re going to answer all of these here, starting with the main question:

Do Pet Monkeys sleep at night?

Pet Monkeys do sleep at night. Young pet monkeys will sleep most of the day as with any other young animal, and they’ll sleep less as they grow older. Adult Monkeys will sleep 9.5 hours each night on average, and they should sleep indoors where it’s safe and warm.

So, like almost all other pets, your pet monkeys should spend the night resting peacefully. There are a lot more questions to answer, of course, so let’s get to those as well.

Why do pet monkeys sleep at night?

small monkey asleep to answer do pet monkeys sleep at night

Most New World monkeys, including capuchin and most of the monkey types people will have as pets, are diurnal and arboreal. They spend most of their time hunting for food, with the exception of a mid-afternoon snooze.

When night time comes, they will find a nice branch to sleep on.

How long do monkeys sleep?

Monkeys sleep around nine and a half hours each night on average.

Only one species slept more than predicted each day. The nocturnal three-striped night monkey (Aotus trivirgatus) of South America sleeps approximately 17 hours per day.

Are Monkeys diurnal or nocturnal?

Almost all monkeys are diurnal, with the one exception being the night monkey – also called the lemurine, owl monkey, or the douroucouli. The world’s only true nocturnal monkey is the douroucouli.

This beautiful creature can be found exclusively in South America’s tropical and subtropical forests. Those eyes are so remarkable that they allow them to see at night.

Monkeys and chimpanzees are no exception. Most primates are either active during the day and asleep at night, but camera traps have shown that some monkey and chimp day dwellers leave their homes at night to engage in various activities such as pool soaks and snacks.

Do Monkeys need to sleep in a bed?

The best spot for your monkey to sleep would be something that resembles their natural habitat, but this is not feasible for most monkey owners. The second best thing would be to get them their own beds.

Monkey beds should be similar to ours – just not as high off the ground. Keep them cozy, warm and comfortable with a nice soft pillow to rest their heads on.

Monkeys don’t travel very far each night so they will probably want to be beside you or your family members when sleeping at night time.

Do Monkeys like to sleep in closed-off areas?

Some species, like Orangutans, gorillas, and chimpanzees do like to sleep in closed-off areas.

Other primates, with the exception of lemurs and lorisids, do not construct similar nests. Apes, in fact, will also make comfortable bedspreads from branches and leaves.

Do Monkeys need only six hours of sleep per day?

No, all monkeys need more than six hours of sleep per day.

As with humans, the amount of sleep needed by monkeys varies from one primate to another.

Some are able to function on four or five hours while others need more than nine each night.

It is not easy to know how much sleep a pet monkey needs because there are wide individual variations.

Do monkeys need pillow?

Monkeys don’t really use pillows when sleeping, but some do enjoy having something soft to rest on while others prefer the cold hard ground. Monkeys aren’t picky when it comes to where they sleep, but you might want to provide them with a bed for their comfort.

Do Monkeys need A/C? Do monkeys like air conditioning?

Monkeys can handle the heat if they are provided with adequate water and shade. Do not allow your pet monkey in direct sunlight or near open flames or fires. Do not leave your monkey in a parked vehicle with the windows up and no air conditioning, even if it is just for a short time.

Do monkeys like to sleep alone?

Monkeys do enjoy sleeping near their family members or owners though they will also take naps all over the house as well! Monkeys are social creatures and nothing they like more than spending time with their loved ones.

Can Do Monkeys sleep through the night? Do monkeys snore too?

Some primates need to do a lot of moving around during non-REM (Rapid Eye Movement) periods, arousing themselves frequently from deep sleep in order to check on things such as the family home, their sleeping babies, etc.

Do Monkeys sleep in the same bed as us?

Yes! Your pet monkey will want to be next to you or with your family members when they go to sleep at night time.

No matter how many toys and activities a primate has during the day, he is still going to be ready for a good night’s sleep when the sun goes down. Do not deprive your pet monkey of this essential activity unless you want your primate to become very stressed and unhappy.

Do monkeys like pillows?

Monkeys don’t really use pillows but some do enjoy having something soft while others prefer the cold hard ground.

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