Can a Pet Monkey be Potty Trained? House Training Ultimate Guide

As any parent would tell you; House training can be a difficult process for human babies, so can it even be possible to potty train a pet monkey? This blog post will answer can a pet monkey be potty trained, why house training a pet monkey is difficult, and how to toilet train your pet monkey step by step.

Let’s start by answering the large question: Can a Pet Monkey be potty trained?

You can potty train your pet monkey, but know that training a pet monkey is difficult – more difficult than training a dog. Although Pet Monkeys are very smart, they are stubborn and often refuse to be trained. However, with patience and consistency, you will be able to train your pet monkey.

So, while you can house train your monkey, you should not expect it to be as easy as it is with human babies or even puppies.

To learn why it’s so hard, how to make it easier, and how to potty-train your monkey step-by-step, keep reading.

Why is it hard to potty train a pet monkey?

Can a Pet Monkey be Potty Trained?

Although Monkeys are very smart animals, they are surprisingly difficult to potty train. No scientist has actually taken the time to study monkeys and tell us why, but there is a very good theory that explains it, and here it is:

Monkeys spend a lot of their time in trees in the wild, so they never run into their own excrement. This means that they don’t have an instinct to flee from it or conceal it. Whether to hide their presence from predators or prey, or simply because they want to be “clean,” they never developed the habit of avoiding it.

You can see how this can make potty training a pet monkey very difficult. When you bring them down to earth, they still don’t understand why it is gross or bad to do their business inside the house. They simply will not avoid doing it on your floor – even when you try to show them where you want them to go.

The good news is that you can teach your monkey to go outside and not on the floor. But, it will take time and consistent training for them to understand what they should do with their waste matter.

How can I potty train my pet monkey?

You can train your monkey to use your toilet, and you can even train it to flush it afterwards. Of all the popular pet monkey breeds, Chimpanzees are the smartest and easiest to potty train, but don’t expect it to be as easy as potty training a human baby, or to have the same success rate.

In fact, few trainers are able to successfully train their monkeys fully to not make a mess when using the toilet, here’s hoping you could join these lucky few.

With that being said, the best – and cleanest solution – would be to teach your monkey to go outside.

You can follow these easy steps in order to train your pet monkey to go outside and not on the floor.

  • First, you can start by following a routine that your pet monkey begins to understand – like if they do it at this time, then they can get a treat for doing so. This will show them what is good behavior while training them how to potty train a pet monkey step-by-step.
  • Second, you can give rewards to your pet monkey when they do go outside and not on the floor. This can be a favorite treat or toy that they receive once every so often if their potty training went well for them during the day. All of this will teach them what positive reinforcement is while teaching you how to successfully train your pet monkey step-by-step.
  • Third, you can tell them what they should do with their waste matter instead of doing it inside the house. You can teach your pet monkey to use a litter box for this if possible or pick an area outside where you can take them often so that they learn which place is best to go.
  • Fourth, you can physically show your pet monkey where the litter box or the outside area is. All of this will help to train them how to potty train a pet monkey step-by-step and successfully housebreak their pet with consistency and patience. If they only receive negative reinforcement when doing it on the floor then that can make the process harder.
  • Once you can establish a routine, give them positive reinforcement for good behavior and show them the correct place to go then you can start training your pet monkey how to potty train a pet monkey step-by-step successfully!

Here is an awesome video that shows a well-trained Capuchin monkey using the toilet and even toilet paper

What Does Potty Training a Monkey mean?

Potty training a monkey is the same as potty training other animals; it’s about training them to go to a dedicated spot in their cage when they need to relieve their business and then leave once done.

Monkeys that have been potty trained do not require diapers, and thus they seldom have accidents at home. They’ll go to their cage when the urge hits them since it’s open and easy to access.

If your monkey is housebroken and comfortable in his or her environment, he or she should generally be able to toilet train in this manner. While teaching one how to use a toilet does not seem nearly as amazing as doing so, it does help to keep things clean.

Potty-trained monkeys will inform their owners if they feel something coming and are unable to get to their designated spot. If their cage was shut and they had no choice but to go, they’d let you know ahead of time so you could clean up the mess.

It may take some time to get to this point, but there are a few simple actions that might make the procedure much smoother.

A Guide to House Training a Pet Monkey (to go in the cage)

Here is a simple guide to potty training your pet monkey step-by-step:

  1. Take them to their cage when they pee on you. This is to instruct them where they should pee and not a punishment.
  2. After a while, you can take them out
  3. Repeat this process a few times
  4. Feed them only in their cage so they can start to get accustomed to their cage being their home
  5. If your monkey pees on you when you are playing with them or holding them, stop the fun and either take them outside or back to their cage to do their business
  6. Once your pet monkey starts going to their cage to relieve themselves (on their own), you can stop using diapers
  7. Don’t forget to leave the cage door open so they can have easy access when they get the urge.

You can learn what are the best monkey breeds as pets here that cause the least trouble, cost you less, and can be more easily trained.


It can be difficult to house train a pet monkey, but with patience and consistency, your animal can learn how to use the litter box or go outside. When you can establish a routine for them, give them positive reinforcement when they do it right in their designated spot!

Related Questions

Are Monkeys good house pets?

Although some monkeys can be good house pets with time and effort, most monkeys do not make good house pets. Monkeys are erratic and even dangerous.

They can transmit diseases, bite you, and throw feces at you and your family. Monkeys are docile and gentle when young but they quickly turn aggressive after sexual maturity.

However, if you are dead set on getting a pet monkey, you should be able to train them to a good degree, although never to the same level you would with a dog.

Do Monkeys throw poop?

Yes! Most monkeys can and will throw poop when they get mad. Whether it’s at you or your family, if a monkey feels like fighting with its feces….it can be very messy to clean up after such an altercation.

Why do monkeys wear diapers?

Monkeys can be trained to go on the potty. However, some monkeys can never learn how to use a toilet and their owners have no choice but to put diapers on them.

They can’t keep themselves clean for this very reason if they’re going outside of their cage or enclosure at all times throughout the day. It’s not like they can simply take themselves to the bathroom.

When you can’t potty train your monkey, it’s imperative that you keep them confined in their cage or enclosure at all times unless someone is holding them and can watch for signs of when they need to go.

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